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central adj
1 serving as an essential component; "a cardinal rule"; "the central cause of the problem"; "an example that was fundamental to the argument"; "computers are fundamental to modern industrial structure" [syn: cardinal, fundamental, key, primal]
2 in or near a center or constituting a center; the inner area; "a central position"; "central heating and air conditioning" [ant: peripheral]
3 used in the description of a place that in the middle of another place; "the people of Central and Northern Europe"; "country in central Africa"
4 centrally located and easy to reach; "the central city has good bus service"; "the shop has a central location" n : a workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where lines from telephones can be connected together to permit communication [syn: telephone exchange, exchange]

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  • /ˈsɛntɹəl/


  1. being in the centre
  2. being the most important
  3. having or containing the centre of something


being in the centre
  • German: zentral, mittig
being the most important
  • German: zentral
having or containing the centre of something
  • German: zentral
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central (pl centrals)
  1. defn Catalan






  1. central




centralis, central



  1. central, pivotal, nodal




  1. central

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Central is an adjective usually referring to being in the centre. Central may also refer to:

Directions and generalised locations

Specific locations


Train stations and lines




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PBX operator, aboriginal, accented, all-absorbing, alveolar, amidships, apical, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, arch, articulated, assimilated, automatic exchange, average, axial, back, banal, banner, barytone, basal, basic, bedrock, bilabial, broad, cacuminal, capital, cardinal, center, centermost, central office, centralized, centric, centroidal, centrosymmetric, cerebral, champion, checked, chief, close, common, concentrated, consonant, consonantal, continuant, controlling, core, crowning, crucial, deep, dental, dissimilated, dominant, dorsal, elemental, elementary, embryonic, equatorial, equidistant, essential, first, flat, focal, foremost, front, fundamental, generative, genetic, geocentric, germinal, glide, glossal, glottal, great, guttural, halfway, hard, headmost, heavy, hegemonic, high, important, in embryo, in ovo, indispensable, indoor, inmost, inner, innermost, inside, interior, intermediary, intermediate, internal, intestine, intimate, intonated, intrinsic, inward, key, labial, labiodental, labiovelar, lateral, lax, leading, life-and-death, life-or-death, light, lingual, liquid, long distance, low, machine-switching office, magisterial, main, master, material, mean, medial, median, mediocre, mediterranean, medium, mesial, mezzo, mid, middle, middle-of-the-road, middlemost, middling, midland, midmost, midships, midway, moderate, monophthongal, muted, narrow, nasal, nasalized, normal, nuclear, occlusive, of vital importance, omphalic, open, operator, ordinary, original, outstanding, overriding, overruling, oxytone, palatal, palatalized, panel switching, paramount, pharyngeal, pharyngealized, phonemic, phonetic, phonic, pitch, pitched, pivotal, posttonic, predominant, preeminent, pregnant, preponderant, prevailing, primal, primary, prime, primeval, primitive, primordial, principal, pristine, protogenic, radical, ranking, retroflex, rounded, routine, rudimentary, ruling, salient, seminal, semivowel, signal, significant, soft, sonant, sovereign, standard, star, stellar, stopped, stressed, strong, substantive, supereminent, surd, switchboard operator, syllabic, telephone exchange, telephone office, telephone operator, telephonist, tense, thick, throaty, tonal, tonic, topflight, twangy, umbilical, unaccented, unrounded, unstressed, usual, velar, vital, vocalic, vocoid, voiced, voiceless, vowel, vowellike, weak, wide
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